Lost Canyon Zipline Tour
6 years and up, must be at least 55lbs
9:00 am & 2:00 pm
$91.00 per person
(2 person minimum)

Enjoy a half day of zipline as part of your adventure.  You can zip and raft on the same day or choose different days for each.  If you combine them on the same day you'll have time to dine at our riverside grill in between activities.  We'll be glad to arrange all of your adventures for you if you like, just call us and we'll make it easy on you.

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1 & 2 Hour Horseback Rides
6 years and up
9:00 am & 2:00 pm

1 hour ride: $40
2.5 hour ride: $70
Granite Mountain Outfitters horses are gentle and are suited for beginner to experienced riders. Native mountain horses are sure-footed and allow for a western experience of scenic mountain views, wildflowers and wildlife. Horseback tours are guided and specialize in scenic rides with personalized attention. From novice to expert we will match the horse, the rider, and the group to each rider’s ability. An ideal group size is no more than 4-6 horses; however, larger groups are catered to on an individual basis.

As with the ziplining, it is best to ride in the morning and raft in the afternoon.  You can also choose to ride and raft on separate days.
Call us for details.
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Lost Canyon Aerial Park
ages 8 and up
10:00 am & 1:00 pm
$85.00 per person (2 person minimum)

The Canyon Aerial Course (CAC) complex is an amazing structure in the Lost Canyon that consists of interconnected "elements" up in the air. Elements are components of the course complex such as swinging bridges, swinging logs, cargo nets, balance beams, tunnels...things that pose challenges to the Participant and at the same time, develop skills and build confidence.

The Lost Canyon Aerial Course is built on 60-foot telephone poles to which wooden platforms at varying heights have been attached, and these in turn are connected to all kinds of elements. This linked combination of challenge elements is tucked in the belly of the Lost Canyon and sits underneath some of our Park's zipline cables. The complex was designed and built by Swiss Alpine engineers and is built to current industry standards, including those of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) as well as the specifications and safety standards of the state of Colorado. Top-of-the-line safety features and well-trained Staff round out the quality and safety commitment of Captain Zipline Adventure Tours. There are 9 different courses within the CAC complex, all coded similar to difficulty levels used by ski resorts. Guests are fitted with gear, given a safety briefing and instructions, and then off they go! A "Smart Belay" system keeps the Participant clipped to the safety cable at all times. The self-guided adventure lasts approximately 2 ½ hours, including approximately 30 minutes total time for processing of Waivers, safety briefing and training, and a short transport to the activity site. Guides are onsite to assist with any issues. Participants ages 8 and up in reasonably good health and fitness can experience this new adventure.
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Scenic Family Mountain Bike Rides
ages 8 and up
$99 per person
9:00 am
Want to ride together as a family and you all have different ability levels?
Are you a novice or beginner bike rider but know the joy of rolling on two wheels and want to have a great day exploring a historical area or simply taking in amazing views?
Our scenic family rides are great for beginners who don’t want to worry about organizing a ride on their own but still want a quality scenic riding experience.
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Raft and Stay with the Gateway Inn

Save 10% on your room at the Gateway Inn if you take your rafting trip with us. Call us for details.  Call or Email to Book