Bonus Numbers 1/2 Day

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Exciting class IV and IV+ rapids keep you paddling continuously along this 7 mile stretch of river. Numbers trips are best suited for experienced rafters. For ages 14 and older. Meeting times are at 8:15am and 12:00pm.

ONLINE BOOKING IS AVAILABLE MAY 12 – AUGUST 19. For trips outside of these dates, please click here to contact us!


Adults $84

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Exciting class IV and IV+ rapids keep you paddling on this thrilling stretch of river. Rapids are named in a no-nonsense numbering system (1-7), but don’t let the simplicity fool you: the non-stop action offers excitement for the serious rafter. Not only do we give you the standard 1/2 day run, but we include the Miracle Mile, a mile long continuous rapid, as a bonus stretch that most companies miss. Rafters attempting this run should be in good physical condition and be ready for some continuous paddling. Previous rafting experience is recommended.

  • All trip prices have 9% State Parks and administrative fees added to them
  • Wetsuit rental available for all trips.
  • Groups of 12 to 23 people qualify for a 10% discount.
  • Groups of 24 or more qualify for a 15% discount and the organizer goes for free.