Ducky Adventures

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We offer ducky adventures in Browns Canyon for all levels of kayakers. Our whitewater inflatable kayaking adventures are available for ages 10 and up only. Choose from beginner 1/2 day, intermediate 1/2 day, or advanced full day options.


Beginner $85 • Intermediate $95 • Advanced $160

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1/2 Day Beginner (Class I-II)

Ages 10+

This trip is a wonderful way to experience paddling your own inflatable kayak as a first timer. Easy class I and II whitewater will excite the whole family on this guided beginner float. (Four person minimum, please.)

1/2 Day Intermediate (Class II-III)

Ages 13+

These self-guided adventures are some of our our most popular trips. For anyone who is looking for more excitement, paddling your own inflatable kayak offers a thrilling alternative to traditional rafting. Beautiful scenery and fun whitewater make these trips a hit. A relaxing riverside lunch is included on the All-Day Trip. (Four person minimum, please.)

Full Day Advanced (Class III-IV)

Ages 13+

Paddling through the exhilarating rapids of Browns Canyon in your own craft makes this the most exciting trip on the river. After a class II warm-up and extensive instruction, the excitement begins! An adventure seeking personality and good physical condition is definitely recommended for this trip. (Four person minimum, please.)

Beginner 1/2 Day
Intermediate 1/2 Day
Advanced Full Day