Frequently Asked Questions


  • Chevron down When is the best time to go rafting?
  • Because the river conditions vary throughout the season, it is important to choose the time of the spring or summer that is best suited to you and your group. However, no two seasons are alike. Call our office for more information about water levels and snowpack.

    Mid-May to End of June:
    River may be running high. Water is extremely cold, and the weather is still pretty chilly. Best time to go if you want the most challenging and exciting whitewater. Big waves and fast-moving water make rafting at this time of the year an unforgettable experience.

    Most of July:
    River is usually running at a moderate level and the weather becomes much warmer. There is still enough variety to provide a challenge to experienced rafters but is well suited for first time rafters. River and weather conditions make this the most popular time of the summer to raft.

    End of July to Late August:
    Late summer brings warm weather and technical maneuvers. The water is low, and the maneuvering becomes exciting and challenging. Expect to bump into rocks as you wind your way down the canyon. The weather is usually warm enough to swim in the crystal-clear water.

  • Chevron down What are your guide qualifications?
  • All of our guides are CPR and First Aid Certified and exceed the state requirements for whitewater raft guiding as spelled out in the River Outfitters Licensing Program in Colorado. In addition, we do regular performance evaluations in order to provide you with the safest trip possible.

  • Chevron down How are your guides compensated?
  • Our guides are compensated on a per-trip basis, but it is common to tip your guides when they significantly add to the safety and enjoyment of your trip.

  • Chevron down What should I bring on my river trip?
  • The mountains of Colorado can experience extreme temperature changes in a very short time. Plan to keep yourself comfortable in all kinds of weather. Here are suggested items to bring:

    • River gear:
      • Wetsuit (May through June or cold rainy days)
      • Neoprene booties
      • Polyproylene or wool sweater
      • Nylon windbreaker or “splash jacket”
      • Nylon wind pants
      • Swimsuit or shorts
      • Sunglasses
      • Sunscreen
      • Hat with visor
      • Other footwear options include sandals or old sneakers
      • NO COTTON
    • Camping gear:
      • Tent
      • Sleeping bag
      • Sleeping pad
      • Long Johns and top for sleeping
    • Change of clothes:
      • Wool or poly socks
      • Pants
      • Shirt
      • Sweater
      • Lightweight boots or sneakers
      • Poncho or raincoat
      • Warm hat
    • Flashlight
    • Personal toiletries
  • Chevron down Do you have discounts?
    • Groups of 12 to 23 people qualify for a 10% discount.
    • Groups of 24 or more qualify for a 15% discount, and the organizer goes for free.
    • Kids prices eligible for 10% discount only.
  • Chevron down What's included in my trip?
    • All trip prices include 9% State Parks and administrative fees.
    • Wetsuit rental is available for all trips.
  • Chevron down How do I get to Independent Whitewater's office?
  • We are located EXACTLY at mile marker 131 on Highway 285. Check out our directions page for more information.

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