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Lost Canyon Zipline Tour

Quick Details


7 Cable Zipline Tour

The Lost Canyon Zipline Tour consists of 7 cables — 6 exciting, high-flying cable rides between 200-700 feet in length and a practice (Bunny Zip) cable that is 80 feet long. The Bunny Zip is only 5 feet off the ground, allowing our zipline “trainees” to have their feet on the ground anytime they assume a standing position. The zipline tour cables, however, are stretched over a rocky canyon some 150-200 feet deep.

There are hiking trails between the take-off and landing platforms; these vary from 40-670 feet long over rocky ground. The trails are not difficult, however Guests should be in reasonable physical shape. This adventure has a high “thrill to skill” ratio–it is like bowling or billiards in that most anyone can do it, but it takes a little instruction and practice. Ziplines are nothing like roller coasters or bungee jumping…they are scary!


  • Ages 6 and up, Weight at least 55 lbs.
  • Weight less than 250 lbs. for men, less than 190 lbs. for women (women typically are shorter, carry their weight differently than men and this is why cut-offs vary by sex)
  • Abdominal girth less than 44 inches; maximum circumference at top of thighs cannot exceed 24 inches
  • Reasonable fitness level